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Compounding, moulding and completion of your product

AVK Ravestein produces high performance rubber components for demanding applications

Mixing of rubber compounds

Since AVK Ravestein is part of the AVK Group, we have access to the high-quality rubber compounds produced by AVK GUMMI in Denmark in one of the world’s most advanced, fully automated mixing plants. 

This ensures full traceability and makes it possible for us to offer you rubber compounds of a uniquely high quality and uniformity.

Read here about the mixing process. 

Testing of rubber compounds

AVK Ravestein has its own laboratory where the various rubber compounds can be extensively tested. We have a broad knowledge of rubber mixtures and their application possibilities.

Read more about R&D here


Manufacturing of items

We have our own high-tech machine park with different types of presses for making rubber articles, including compression, injection and transfer-injection machines. Because we have the production under our own management, we are very reliable as a supplier of your rubber article.

You can contact us for the most diverse rubber products, such as vibration dampers, rubber mats, rubber profiles, roller coverings and gaskets. Together with you, we examine the requirements for the application of your product and which rubber is most suitable for this.

Composite products

Our extensive machinery also makes it possible to produce more complex rubber articles, including rubber-metal, rubber-ceramic and rubber-plastic compounds. 


We have the necessary equipment for correct post-processing of the products such as cryogenic deburring or surface treatment to reduce the frictional resistance of the rubber surface.

This way you are always assured of a high-quality rubber item.

Download the AVK GUMMI company brochure

AVK GUMMI Company Brochure