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We create the best tooling solutions for your product

The design and production of the mould contributes to the accuracy of the tolerances of the product and possible post-processing of the part. Therefore, a good tool is essential for the production of your high-quality product.

Local mould makers

For decades, AVK Ravestein has been working with several local, prominent mould makers. We have a close dialogue concerning mould design so that we can make sure that we always produce the best possible tooling solution in accordance with the latest technical developments.

For every product we carefully select the right mould makers, whose specialties fit your product design perfectly.

Because our partners are located nearby, any minor adjustment or refinement is always quickly settled and does not lead to substantial loss of time.

We never use a tool designed for the production of your product for other purposes

In principle, this goes without saying as we will never engage in a production of copy products. Still, it is an important guarantee for you since products from two different manufacturers may be similar without violating anyone’s IP rights.

Specific tooling requests

Together with our parent company, AVK GUMMI in Denmark, we can work out advanced tooling solutions to match any requirement that you may have. Please read here

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AVK GUMMI Company Brochure